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Peanut Cookies
(Biskut Kacang)

Peanut Groundnut Cookies are a traditional food that uses premium ingredients such as Mazola oil with is corn oil and these cookies do not use butter.In addition to that,one off the ingredients used is icing sugar and mixed with the best grade peanut groundnut to produce a delicious cookies flavour and crunchy. The cookies suitable to eat for every age n easy to eat.

Weight : 320g


Popia Chips
(Kerepek Popia Simpul)

Popia Chips or more synonymous with the name Poppy Knot which is a popular snack among Malaysians. Apart from its delicious taste,it is also crunchy and has a premium fish core.How to make "popia simpul". This snack is also suitable for all ages and easy.

Weight :135g


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