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CERASA Salted Fish Pickle is the flagship product of this company. It is an appetising menu and complements the meal. The combination of sour, salty and spicy flavors makes it extra original and creates a real pickled taste that differentiates it from sambal and similar menus.

The deliciousness of this CERASA Salted Fish Pickles can be savoured in many ways. In addition to being eaten with rice, it is suitable to be enjoyed with rice porridge, roti, pancakes, wraps and noodles. Adding salted fish pickles to fried rice seasoning can also elevate the taste.

As a ready-to-eat food, salted fish pickles are suitable to be stocked in your kitchen as a quick side dish when needed. It is also suitable to carry as travel supplies, souvenirs, and door gifts.

Now CERASA Salted Fish Pickles are brought to overseas markets to give the opportunity to be enjoyed not only by fans of authentic Malaysian cuisine, but also by all nations. Because, why not?

Salted Fish Pickle

Product Description

A Ready To Eat authentic cuisine with pickle taste. Cooked using fine selected ingredients for 5 hours in order to get the right texture, right pickle taste and to maintain the shelf life.

Salted fish, radish,  shallot, chilli, palm oil, vinegar.



We ship this product to UK, Europe & neighboring country directly from our partner warehouse in the UK

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