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Adia's spicy tomato paste was originally a family favorite dish for generations from the state of Perlis. Has its own special features. It is not just a cooking paste but it can also be eaten uncooked. The very thick and VIP -flavored broth structure is the killer of ‘Adia’ Products as it is the most sold in the market as well as receiving various positive comments from new and old customers. The raw materials used are composed of fresh and high quality ingredients in order to produce a luxurious taste and not too spicy so that it can be enjoyed from kids to adults.


Adia’ Rendang paste has been cooked using various high quality spice ingredients. This paste recipe has been used by the founder for many years in his restaurant as one of the traditional menus, especially during the month of Ramadan. After conducting R&D, he combined several types of rendang in Malaysia such as Rendang Tok and Rendang Minang, so the ‘Adia’ Rendang Paste was born which is more easily accepted by all categories of Malaysian society such as Indians and Chinese.

i.e. not too spicy as well as having gravy which is quite concentrated.


‘Aida’ Hainan Chicken Rice Paste is a product produced to make it easier for consumers to prepare delicious Hainan chicken rice and its aroma appeals to the appetite of the whole family. Recipes that have been prepared to suit the tastes of all races in Malaysia and globally. Uses natural ingredients without any preservatives. Maintains the main characteristics of soft and not too greasy in accordance with the tastes of the plural society in Malaysia


‘Adia’ Multipurpose Marinade Paste is a marinade paste used by the founder of ‘Adia’ as a chicken marinade sold in their restaurant since 2003. The menu known as Nasi Ayam Berempah is a best -selling menu other than Nasi Ayam Hainan. Combining 14 types of raw materials and blended with traditional spices so that you feel the originality that is able to captivate various levels of society

inside and outside of the country.


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