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Something interesting for fans of the taste of salted eggs. This chip uses dhal beans, is crunchy, the size is easy to eat (bite-size) and it really tastes like salted eggs. It tastes kind of like a cheesy salted egg. Traditional chips that are innovated to modern tastes from KKMY.

KKMY Golden Salted Egg Peyek Chips can be enjoyed with other menus as an appetizer.  It is also suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by the whole family while watching TV or relaxing. The customer-friendly packaging and easy to carry anywhere is very suitable to be enjoyed anywhere because there is already a “ziplock” on the packaging.
Our special products that promise a unique Canchy experience. The rich salted egg coating paired with crispy, golden and slightly salty round crackers makes it the perfect snack for all ages. The ingredients include flour, egg, nut, herbs, sugar,
salted egg, etc.

Royal Salted Egg flavors peyek provide us the different tastes of gourmet that must try it out! It is very suitable for those who prefer non-spicy. Get a try today! Click the inquiry button to order now! Limited stock, come and join us with Canchy now!

In addition, if you are a spicy snack lover, our Hot & Spicy and Tomyam Spicy peyek Malaysia is highly recommended for you!


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