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Jom See Heart

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Years of mother nature's gift

- Formulated from a precious mushroom known as Cordyceps sinesis.
- Found naturally in the highlands of China, Tibet and Nepal.
- Cultivated under stringent quality control and tested at from cultivation to finished goods.
- Suitable for adults.
- Available in tablet and capsule forms for easy consumption.

Alternative way for product consumption:
Elevate your nutrition routine with DXN Shaker, the quickest and easiest way to enjoy your shakes!

A health supplement with Cordyceps sinensis, cultivated and processed with advanced tech to guarantee top-notch, consistent standards. DXN Cordyceps boasts potential health benefits like immune system support and energy boosts! Loaded with cordycepin, adenosine, and polysaccharides, it encourages respiratory function and oxygen uptake. Adaptogenic properties help adapt to stressors and support overall wellness. Plus, antioxidant properties reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. DXN Cordyceps  is also great for liver health -promoting detox and protecting against damage. As if that weren't enough, it helps keep blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity in check - perfect for anyone with diabetes or metabolic disorders. Finally, it improves circulation, balances cholesterol, and regulates blood pressure, to boot!

Ingredient :
- DXN Cordyceps Capsule : Cordyceps sinesis powder
- DXN Cordyceps Tablet : Cordyceps sinesis, Excipient.
- DXN Cordyceps Powder : Cordyceps sinesis powder

Packaging size:
- Each bottle : 450mg x 60 capsules
- Each bottle : 300mg x 120 tablets
- Each bottle : 30g

Capsule: MAL04103319T
Tablet: MAL20021486T
Powder: MAL20031795T

Traditionally used for general health.
This is a traditional product advertisement.


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