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Organic Coconut Sugar is a minimally processed sweetener, with lowest GI among
other sweeteners, made from the sap of coocnut flower called neera.
Suitable for sweetener alternative for coffee, tea, traditional cuisines, breads and cakes.

Coconut Nectar Paste is a premium product that preserve the origin of coconut palm
sugars' taste. Its paste texture made it easier to use in cooking.

Coconut Palm Sugar Syrup is our best-selling item, delicious and ready to use anytime! Drizzle on top of beverages, use in coffee as sweetener, pour on top of desserts and many more!

Coconut Palm Sugar is a raw minimally processed sugar extracted from the sap of coconut flower and offers a rich coconut taste in food and beverages. It's becoming more popular these days because it is delicious and tasty to consume.


Wholesale Purchase

Coconut Palm Sugar Syrup (10 sachets) :

  • 20 box per carton

Coconut Palm Sugar Syrup (bottle) :

  • 30 bottles per carton

Coconut Palm Sugar :

  • 40 units per carton

Coconut Nectar Paste :

  • 14 units per carton

Organic Coconut Sugar (40 sachets per box) :

  • 14 units per box

Organic Coconut Sugar (350g) :

  • 24 units per carton


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